Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Intro (da da da daaa)

My name is Robbet Naranjo. I'm a first year animation student at Sheridan College.
I've also studied animation at The Art Institute of Toronto and am a graduate of Sheridan's Art Fundamentals  program and Visual an Creative Arts Year 2 program.

Aaand yeah, this is my blog. I'll try to post often and keep things informative and creatively fulfilling. I probably can't promise the latter, but I intend for this blog to act as a documentation of my journey through Sheridan prestigious animation program. So expect drawing of stuff and even more stuff!

So yeah, join why don't you as my four year journey starts.    right.   NOW! err or like 4 days ago rather....


oh yeah, im like 12 on the inside. ^u^

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