Saturday, 29 September 2012

AiT Animations

Recently we finished our first set of principle animation studies at Sheridan. I'll upload those soon, but I thought I should share the animations we had to do at my old school.

These are from 6 years ago when I came out of high school.

3 Ball Bounce
This is the first animation we had to do. I think..

Balloon Drop

Bowling Ball Drop

Character Walk Cycle
yeah, I couldn't draw back then....

Looking back this one looks really technical but it was easily executed.

Energy Ball

Fish Tank


I remember designing that character as I did the turnaround AND keying in the take all in the same 3hr class the day this was due. I was pretty over zealous back then. Needless to day this was incomplete.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

zoo sketches

Some animal drawings I did on one of my zoo trips this summer.

These rhino drawings turned out good because I did a sculpture of one for school so I studied them a lot.

The hippos on the right are pygmy hippos which look like baby hippos, but aren't o_0

These polar bear drawings are pretty bad, but the elephant and capybara ones were good.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Portfolio (score sheet/presentation)

Here's my score sheet. I almost didn't make it cause of my character design, but thank the heavens I scored well on the stuff I put a lot of time and effort in.
Let that be a lesson to all you potential applicants, give 'em hell!
Also presentation is a big part so do what you can to pretty up your portfolio, like nicely designed titles, secure your pieces to your portfolio so they don't move around and if you have a spine insert go ahead and create your own personalized insert.

Those are the print out versions (with the crop and bleed marks) that I used.
If you decide to make your own please note that the center image of the spine insert should be flipped so that it's right side up if your portfolio is lying on its back.

The Portfolio (personal artwork)

I scored .5 lower on this section than I did on my previous submission. I think it would have been better to show more variety instead of more stuff that was already in the other sections.

The Portfolio (layout)

I reused my household objects from my previous portfolio attempt and luckily got the same score.
The room line drawings was the other section where I got a perfect score.

The Portfolio (Story)

I got a perfect score for my storyboard section. It was a little challenging for me to write a four panel gag. A lot of my thumbs would include more than four panels. I ended up just keeping what i thought were the main components of the gag and fulfilled the requirements of this sections.

The Portfolio (Animation)

I designed this character 12hours before the portfolio was due. Would probably explain why it's my lowest mark. It's actually lower then what my previous character design earned, but not by much. If I could give any advice it would be to design your character as early on as you can.

The Portfolio (life drawing)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Intro (da da da daaa)

My name is Robbet Naranjo. I'm a first year animation student at Sheridan College.
I've also studied animation at The Art Institute of Toronto and am a graduate of Sheridan's Art Fundamentals  program and Visual an Creative Arts Year 2 program.

Aaand yeah, this is my blog. I'll try to post often and keep things informative and creatively fulfilling. I probably can't promise the latter, but I intend for this blog to act as a documentation of my journey through Sheridan prestigious animation program. So expect drawing of stuff and even more stuff!

So yeah, join why don't you as my four year journey starts.    right.   NOW! err or like 4 days ago rather....


oh yeah, im like 12 on the inside. ^u^