Thursday, 14 November 2013

Animation Yr1 Char Design Dump

Here are my character design assignments from year one of animation. I think the gorilla was the only one I got a perfect score on, though I still would work on style/design on it more.
Looking back I think I've improved quite a bit from where I was at the beginning of the year. I'll start posting stuff from year two when I get around to posting all my year one stuff.

Character Expressions
Wanted to try something different and draw girls since I kind of have no idea how to draw them o_0

Character Poses
Singing in the rain fella.

Character Timeline
Astronaut Gorilla. I think this was the only time I got 100% in this class, which is reasonable since I put a lot of effort into developing the character.

 Character Design Pack
This was pretty rushed. I struggled with development so this was kind of a last minute thing :/
Character in Sequence

I really wanted to animate this well, but it was coming down to the wire at the end of first semester and I had let work pile up. More time was spent timing than animating which was unfortunate because I really looked forward to actually animating a scene. Maybe I'll revisit this one day? maybe... kind of... probably highly unlikey...